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Maintaining Renewable Entrance Scholarship Eligibility

View Historical Entrance Awards Regulations for Domestic Undergraduate students:

The University of Windsor provides an array of awards and financial aid programs which encourage and recognize academic achievement and help support students with financial difficulties.

To search and apply for awards, sign in to the student portal myUWindsor. Under the "Financial Matters" tab, click on "Search for Awards." Complete the awards search in order to view and complete various award applications.

Please ensure that all required supporting documentation is submitted to Student Awards and Financial Aid in a timely manner. Late submission of supporting documentation will result in delays in the application review process.

Awards for Specific Groups

To access faculty or group-specific awards listings, please click on the appropriate link below. These posters highlight awards which are available to students through the on-line application process.

Academic Year: 2017-2018

Faculty Specific Awards

Criteria / Group-Specific Awards

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